Cold Hot Cold Days

Temperature swings. Otherwise known as Springtime in Florida. Cold nights that require you to cover or bring inside your sensitive plants and wrap yourself in a sweater and blankets inside. Followed by soaring daytime temperatures which find you switching the thermostat from Heating to Cooling. Until sunset when the temperature drops again. Did you knowContinue reading “Cold Hot Cold Days”

Dining Room with dropped beam visually separating it from seating area

Up-set and Dropped Beams

No, this isn’t a post about the emotional intelligence of structural beams. Instead, let’s consider the different options for removing a wall, and how those choices look and feel in a finished room. When your Architect has determined that a wall is a structural or load-bearing wall, what does that really mean? Usually, it meansContinue reading “Up-set and Dropped Beams”


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Cathy Svercl is a licensed Architect in Florida and Virginia. She loves homes, photography, travel, and gardening!

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